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SLP 2.0 Speed Luster Pro Premium Ball Set

SLP 2.0 Speed Luster Pro Premium Ball Set

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Premium Quality

Pro Series SLP 2.0 Premium quality billiard balls are our premiere set, recommended for players who are looking for professional-grade balls that will last for years to come. This set has a Lifetime Guarantee for home use.SLP 2.0 balls are standard 2-1/4” in diameter.


Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee for home use against chipping or cracking that affects the roll of the ball.NOT Guaranteed for commercial use.


Ultimate Consistency

Pro Series SLP 2.0 balls are produced to the most exacting tolerances, meeting all professional quality benchmarks for size, roundness, density, balance, weight, color, and hardness. Not only do we ensure that the resins used to cast our balls are absolutely uniform, SLP 2.0 balls are weighed and calipered five separate times during the manufacturing process to guarantee maximum spherical consistency. The payoff to this level of attention is a perfectly true roll and accurate playing ball.


Our Balls Look Newer Longer

When properly maintained, SLP 2.0 balls last longer (and keep their luster better) than other sets in their price-point. Our balls feature a hardened fade-resistant Luster Technology coating for superior scratch resistance and long color life.


Less Burn

Our billiard balls are formulated to have high friction resistance, with less of a chance of leaving burn marks on your table and extending the life of your felt.

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