• When will I be charged?

      Once the order is placed, you will be charged right away.


  • How soon will the order ship after I place my order?

      If the order is placed before 2pm EST, the order will be processed the same day and shipped the following day. If the order is  placed after 2pm EST, it will be processed the following day and shipped in 2 days.


  • Would I receive a tracking number?

      Yes! Immediately after the order is placed, you will receive an email with the tracking number.


  • Who do I contact for updates on my order?

       You can always send us a message through our Contact Us page, or just simply send us an email at info@whitebilliards.com. If you want a live person, just give us a call or text at 855-818-3952


  • What happens if the order arrives damaged?

      Just let us know and we will issue a replacement free of charge!


  • What happens if I want to return the product? 

      We offer free returns, just contact us and let us know that you would like to return your order. We will send you a return label!